How Avocado on Toast Remains an Amazing Vegan Choice

How Avocado on Toast Remains an Amazing Vegan Choice!!!

avocado, toast, married for lifeAvocado is rich in monounsaturated fats. It is an amazing fruit that is higher in fat than any other fruit. The unique nutritional profile of avocado has made it a popular fruit everywhere. But, wait! It is grown with the help of migratory beekeeping. Did you get the point? This is where vegans and omnivores part their ways. Keeping migratory bees for growing avocados is an absolute “No No” for all vegans who embrace veganism for ethical reasons.  If you are religiously vegan, you can’t have avocado on toast nutrition. But, still you can’t deny the rich and smooth texture of this fruit that makes it an ideal choice for applying on toast. Above that, nutrients like vitamin K, variations of vitamin B, vitamin E, vitamin C, copper and potassium make this fruit a valuable food item.

“Vegans avoid using animals as far as possible and practicable,” spokesperson Dominika Piasecka told Plant Based News.  Doesn’t this give a creamy, rich idea?  Maybe it just means that your breakfast can be a great start of the day if you have avocado toast. Avocado on toast ideas pop in the mind when you realize how nutritional this fruit is. Designing a new avocado on toast recipe is not a big deal as the rich creamy texture of this fruit helps the toasts to taste delicious. Often sourdough toasts make the best choice for your good start of the morning with avocado.

No doubt, as a vegan, you are making a great contribution to the cause of this planet as Dominika puts it, “Vegans make a huge contribution to the reduction in suffering and death caused to animals….” So, while serving the great cause of veganism, you still can enjoy the nutrition splendor of avocado – it’s not deviance!  Avocado on toast calories count is 300 to 400 with an average combination of olive oil, black pepper, salt, and boiled potatoes as you wish. The mashed avocado makes a perfect spread on the bread and the taste is always delicious with olive oil, pepper and salt. This is a super easy recipe and you can make it every morning to start your day with a healthy breakfast.

To increase the avocado on toast nutrition level, you can add with it other ingredients that you like the taste of. Using nut butter, a few sticks of fried crispy potatoes, some slices of fresh tomatoes, some lemon juice or any other vegetable or fruit that you would love the taste and texture can definitely add more nutrition to your avocado toast.

Avocado on toast ideas are endless. But, if you are still uncomfortable about the idea of cruelty to little honey bees, you can have the assuring statement of Dominika who says,… “it is not possible to avoid one hundred percent of the cruelty.” Pamper your taste buds with avocado because it encourages versatility in taste. With a long list of vegetables to fruits to nut butter and herbs, you can make several different mouthwatering toasts. The most amazing thing about avocado on toast recipe is that you always find a recipe that is either good for breakfast or lunch or even for a healthy snack. By adding more vegetables like slices crunchy radishes or cucumbers or basil and lemon you can enhance the taste and nutritional value immensely.

So, there you go with some food for thought, avocados are not vegan in the most religious terms but hardly any plant is now after new, cruel farming methods. Do your best and try any simple avocado on toast recipe today. You can make changes in it with different ingredients. The healthy heart fat in avocado is the key reason why this fruit is so popular. To make your avocado on toast nutrition up to the mark of good heart health, choose a brown bread rich in fiber and the good value of the whole grain. This way you can make sure to make a perfect toast that serves your taste buds and keeps you healthy.