5 Clever Ways to Turn Your Partner Vegan in the New Year

5 Clever Ways to Turn Your Partner Vegan

New Year Resolutions come and go. Some are achieved while some fall by the wayside before even seeing the dawn of the New Year. I believe spending your life with someone you love is an emotional luxury. And when this loving and caring life partner has the same lifestyle choices as yours, you definitely enjoy living in the high heavens. The vegan lifestyle is increasingly becoming the preferred lifestyle choice of several individuals these days. However, it is not always easy to find compatible life partners. When it comes to life partners, vegans usually find that most of the omnivores do not like dating vegans. This means sometimes vegans have to settle for non-vegan partners and then put an enormous amount of effort trying to convert the partner to embracing the vegan lifestyle. Believe me, settling for a non-vegan partner can be tough especially when you are eager to make your life more harmonic with your better half. But, insisting on them to turn vegan can trigger some fiery resistance. My advice is to always avoid creating a situation of confrontation with your partner and instead, try these clever methods to convert them to vegan life in the New Year;

1. Never Send Direct Invitations

If finding a vegan partner was not a fruitful effort, you can always use a convincing sweet tone verbally and friendly behaviour to turn your non-vegan partner into a vegan partner. It’s best not to use body expressions that explicitly suggest that you are living a better lifestyle as a vegan because that can surely be a romance-killer. Sharing your life with someone does not give anyone the divine right to turn all enthusiastic and righteous to preach to your partner what to do with their life. Instead, best to keep on following your vegan plan happily, let your better-half find their way with you by their own choice and love them anyway.

2.      Be a Glowing Example

Maya Gottfried, a New York-based writer and the author of Vegan Love who turned vegan about eight years ago says, “when I was confident about my lifestyle, others embraced it, too.”

Do you know that advocacy doesn’t do as much as an example does? In fact, veganism is an amazing lifestyle choice. I recommend that you stay firm on your beliefs and do not lose heart when you find yourself in a vegan-omnivore partner relationship. You can always be a glowing example that your partner would love to follow. It is important to exhibit a healthy and happy vegan; nourish your body with wisely planned vegan meals and that way you will definitely inspire your meat eater partner. Usually, when the vegan partner sets a practical example of the great benefits of a vegan lifestyle, their loved ones lovingly follow them.

3.     Entice with Mouthwatering Foods

Being in a vegan-omnivore partnership can be a good chance to sharpen and demonstrate your skills in cooking if you love cooking! Yes, do not doubt this tactic because it is a very underestimated tactic that works like magic. When you cook mouthwatering vegan meals, leave them on the kitchen top or in the fridge, your non-vegan partner will likely not be able to resist nibbling on them. With time, your skilful cooking along with your love and care can create a unique but familiar taste of the food you make and there remains no doubt that your partner never resists to join you in your vegan diet.

4.      Keep Your Facts Right

Nothing brings the other person to the point you are making better than your fact-rich presentations. A vegan omnivore partner can go cruelty-free once you are able to demonstrate that you are right with all the vegan facts. If you are arguing about the health conditions of animals on the farms or putting forth your reasons that going vegan is more environmentally friendly, you are always at a winning position when your facts are right. Also, you should be able to answer the questions or critics of your partner with cool and factual statements. Be prepared when they ask how to get much-needed omega 3 fatty acids in their diet or how to get an impressive body without eating chicken. Finding vegan partners can be tough but with clever tricks, you can convert your partner into a vegan in a short time.

5.     Support Your Non-Vegan Partner

Once you observe that your non-vegan partner has started developing an interest in the vegan diet or has developed a great taste for your vegan recipes, increase your encouragement. An everlasting good change comes step-by-step and you have to be warm and welcoming towards your partner who is happily changing. Never push them to a one-time dramatic change as this will not last long and your partner may lose their interest in vegan partners’ idea. If your partner turns a vegan omnivore partner, bear with them during this mixed behaviour. It is possible they can get to a pure vegan path soon because of your caring strategies. Like any other life venture worth your effort, you need tremendous patience and compassion to support your partner on their journey to becoming a full vegan. This way, your veganism will become inspiring and attractive and not something to repel your partner.

Finding vegan partners can be a difficult task as sharing life with someone means a  lot of other things like ideology, culture, habits, likes, dislikes, ambitions and many more. In your quest to match these, you may find a partner who is not vegan. This situation should not frustrate you. Vegan love is possible! Just keep your love intact and do not take things personally.

There are always clever ways to firm a great relationship and turn your non-vegan partner into someone who loves veganism. It all depends on how cleverly you take your steps towards your goal!

Wishing you a very Healthy & Successful 2019 because you deserve it!!!